live from your powerful inner light
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"Discover Your Soul Power" Complimentary Call

Create a simple plan to take you from stuck in chaotic emotion to being connected with your inner guidance, claiming your peaceful inner power, and shining your light from the truth of who you are.

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Reconnect with your power from the inside out


Connect with your inner guidance


Freedom and confidence


The truth of who you are

The Empowered Woman...

...moves through life with radiant light and clear direction...


"I had the most amazing Belief Re-Patterning session with Sarah! She got to the root of what I wanted to address. I felt seen, heard and supported. I loved being in her energy! Looking forward to working together again"

Parenting Coach, Edmonton

“Sarah's intuitive guidance, passion for serving women in this area, ability to hold space, and application of the Belief Re-Patterning process creates significant and empowering sessions, and the results and tools continue to help me in my journey into and through motherhood

New Mother


Who am I



I am so passionate about guiding Soulful Women like you to rediscover your unique identity, deconstruct the unhealthy beliefs and societal programs that confine you, and help you reconnect with your authentic truth so you may create a meaningful life of powerful confidence. 

I combine elements of energy-work, guided meditation, direct intuitive coaching, Belief Re-Patterning® and simple yet profound personal practices. Soul-Birth personal empowerment coaching focuses directly on alignment with your innermost truth, clearing the mind and nervous system of traumatic memories and old patterns, building confidence, self love, and drawing out the valuable pieces of you that make you YOU. 

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Working with Sarah has allowed me to easily work through those beliefs that stop me from showing up as my authentic self and being present. My favourite thing about working with Sarah is her lightness of being, her very present intention that blazes with her intuitive understanding. We also get to laugh a lot during the process. Whoever thought that doing this much personal growth could also be fun and easy? I highly recommend Sarah as a women’s empowerment coach. I know that she is transforming lives.

-Lee Solstory
RN (ret), Aromatherapist, Herbalist, Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Holistic Health Educator and owner of “Proactive Healthstyle”


Sarah has supported me in self empowerment as a practitioner and dear friend over the years. She has a way of bringing up beliefs and patterns in me I didn't even realize I had. Once brought to the surface her keen intuition and kind nature are so welcomed to assist in processing to come back to who I really am ♡ Sarah supports me in embracing my truth by walking me back home, through breaking down the barriers that have kept me in one place. She is a wonderful listener and I love that we get to laugh.”


Reiki Master-Teacher, and Mother

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